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Partying or pampering? Whatever you're into, it's all about incredible fun with friends. We've got plenty of stag and hen do destination and activity ideas to make it special.

Corporate Party Weekend

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Holidays, vacations, weekends away are important, they give us a chance to revitalise, recharge and at times, reunite with old acquaintances who we may not have seen for a while. Infinity Weekends are no stranger to, believe it or not, weekends away, in fact, we’re one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers for vacations and short-term trips abroad. Though, it’s important to bear in mind that these plans aren’t simply for stag dos, hen dos, reunions and knees ups, instead, the trips can be made into much more versatile packages. They can be aimed at the family, the corporation, the employee or the getaway, with sports, adventures and team activities replacing the expected alcohol and debauchery. For years now it’s become commonplace for many corporate working environments to offer incentives, these can range from anything such as: bonuses, additional paid days off, prizes, and most relevant to Infinity Weekends, trips away. This could be per individual and perhaps their family, or for the team that moved the most product/capitalised on the most leads. There’s way more to weekends away than alcohol, sun and the sea, so we felt it’s time to delve into the other side of Infinity Weekends, for simple pleasure, relaxation and unwinding from your stressful work environment. In this article we’ll look into how Infinity are breaking into the travel market of corporate employers, why there’s precedent for these kind of outings and what employees can expect from a trip with Infinity Weekends.

The Context of Corporate with Infinity

Before we get into what will be going on and where in the world it’ll be happening, it’s important to look into why. For a stag do or a hen do, it’s obvious: because someone’s getting married and you want to celebrate. The same goes for a reunion, because you want to get back with the lads and hit the town to catch up. Some of these trips will be abroad, others will be local, maybe around London or Leeds just for a night to explore, but, how would any of this fit into the corporate setting? Well, let’s look at it like this; all those people working in big business, be it a bank, an online retailer, a financing firm, they’re all humans too, right? Just like me and you. As a result, I’m sure they like heading out for the weekend, meeting up with friends and at times, doing something exciting to get away from their boring office job. As a result of this thought, I assume this is the exact mind-set of these employees’ higher-ups, who are trying to think of ways to motivate them into working harder, as a team, and bringing more business to the company.

A bottle of fine wine or champagne? Boring and clichéd. A gift card, or a cash bonus? Maybe, but that’s not very personal, and definitely nothing exciting that’s going to create a memorable experience. A trip abroad, however? Now that will get some hustling going in the workplace, regardless of what industry or target market you’re looking at. There are some things to take into account when planning this trip, however, firstly, how is the prize going to be won. We gave a few examples earlier, such as most leads capitalised on or product moved, but maybe it could be adapted into different areas, such as content or idea generation, or even the most progress made. It’s also important to think about who the prize is going for, a close-knit team who can spend a weekend away with the work employees they’re most comfortable with? Or, a sole winner, who can take their partner or family on said vacation. Here we already see room for variety, it could be a fun, family-based weekend away, or an alcohol fuelled adventure for some close colleagues.

Variety and Choice

There are a lot of benefits to booking with Infinity Weekends, the fact that the stress and mess of the process is minimised, if not taken away completely is the biggest advantage. Next to that is simplicity, that a conversation is all that’s required before the plan gets rolling is a prime example of how we’re willing to do the heavy lifting. Beyond this conversation comes our expertise, because, dependent on country, reason and interest, we can offer locations, accommodations, and activities for every party size and length. Let’s go into some of the possible destinations and activities you could be getting into, as your team jets away for your fairly won, all-expenses-paid trip abroad.

We can start simple, Magaluf, Barcelona, Marbella, or Prague, popular holiday destinations that offer the essentials for a weekend away. Plenty of bars, clubs, beaches and sun in the first three locations, while Prague stands a little more niche in regard to the party scene, it’s sprawling city and interesting nightlife are nothing to turn away from in comparison. That’s a start, but there are other locations which are perhaps a bit more chilled, so instead of soaking up the alcohol; you can soak up the sun instead, recharging your batteries in preparation for the Monday, as opposed to bringing home a killer hangover the coming Monday. Tenerife, Budapest and Amsterdam, all just as exciting locations which focus less on the partying, and more on exploration, or simply enjoying a foreign land that offers you a different change of scenery, pace and routine. Boating, nightclubs, VIP events and parties are one thing, but brewery tours, city exploration and seasonal festivals can all be just as interesting, dependent on the crowd.

The crowd being important, because if, for example the weekend away does go to a single worker and their family, they’ll likely want the more interesting, and less alcoholic options. Though, maybe you’re looking to motivate on a budget? Foreign lands aren’t always necessary, as a trip to England’s capital of London, or other major cities can be just as enticing for the hardest working group. Paintballing, supercar tours, sky-diving and go-karting are all easily accessible from home territory, topped by a meal at a fancy restaurant, a trip through a few pubs and a driver taking you back to your lush hotel, and you’ve had just as much of an experience as you could anywhere else. This time, however, budget has been accounted for and you haven’t had to faff about with passports.

Why Infinity Weekends?

As you can see, and as we’ve mentioned, there are a lot of positives to getting together with Infinity Weekends and booking a trip away. It’s simple, fast, personalised, and run by those with experience, who know what matters and what needs to be done to make sure the event goes smoothly, and with the least stress possible. Above you’ve seen the variety, in regard to motivation, location and activity. You’ve also had a small look into why exactly corporations and companies might be interested in working with a holiday and event planner such as ourselves. What you might need to see first-hand is how we work, and that can be easily achieved by a phone call, or checking out the hundreds of reviews we’ve had from our thousands of recurring customers.

Infinity Weekends are one of the highest-rated, well-known and acclaimed party planning and travel service providers for a reason, we know our market and we offer what they want. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, we have the knowledge, skill and commitment to get the ball rolling and the plan full of exciting locations and activities. The beauty is that, as you’ve seen by this article, there isn’t any strict or specific reason to book with us, we don’t discriminate on motivation, so whether you’re corporate or stag, reunion or getaway, you can come to us for a quick, free quote and a conversation. From there you’ll be offered a representative who can talk you through the journey, whether you’ve got the concrete plan in your head, or are still in the idea stages, it can all be ironed out. We do our best to make pricing fair and relevant to what’s happening, so if you’re staying local, it’ll be cheaper, but our expertise stays the same and our knowledge of the scene can come in handy as opposed to planning independently. Then, if you’re going abroad, be it Maga or Benidorm, we can offer the same knowledge, but this time with the addition of flight plans, hotels and insurance. If you don’t believe the smoothness you’re reading about here, why not challenge that doubt? Infinity Weekends are about ease, offering a stress-free service, putting our experience to good use and allowing the customer to spend more time planning, as opposed to worrying.


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