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Terms and Conditions

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, when you reserve or book by telephone, email or online you are booking with Infinity Weekends, (“Infinity Weekends”, “we”, “our” or “us”), depending on the arrangements you are booking. Details of the company with whom you book will be confirmed to you during the booking process.

It is important that you read the following before you book as these apply to your booking with us and to all members of your group. A copy of the booking contract is filed by us for administration purposes and you are advised to print off a copy for your records. It is also important to understand that these Terms and Conditions (together with our Privacy Policy) apply for all bookings with us, whether you have chosen to read them or not, and are applicable for all members of your group. These Terms and Conditions are available and freely accessible in our brochures and on our website. We also draw your attention to these Terms and Conditions during the booking process verbally, via email and within our communications to you either in full or abbreviated or with directions and hyperlinks directing you to access them.

We accept bookings subject to the following conditions:

A) Why do we need Terms and Conditions?
Because we need to know what we can properly expect of you and you need to know what you can exactly expect of us.

B) Who we are, you and what it means?
1. In these conditions [we] - and [us] means Infinity Weekends (Ultimate Stag Extreme Hen S.L) Licensed travel agency – CV-Mm1882-A.
2. [You] means the person who has contacted us by phone, email or completed the quote form on the website(s) and each and every member of the group on behalf of that person who has enquired/booked with 'us'.

C) What we do?
We organise Stag and Hen weekends, Group Weekends, Party Weekends, Golf Weekends, Track Days and Event Management in the UK and Europe. In these conditions (event) means any event or activity participated in by you or your group, or any accommodation you stay in which has been organised by us.

D) Where do we operate?
We organise Stag and Hen weekends all around the UK, Spain, Netherlands, Hungry, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic and many more places in Europe. In these conditions (destination) means the place or location where you have booked your event or weekend with us.

E) What do you agree to do?
1. To behave at all times in a safe and courteous manner.
2. To obey the proper instructions of any supervisor, activity leader or guide.
3. To dress and equip yourself suitably for any event when we have indicated prior to the event.
4. Special clothing or equipment is to be provided by you if needed, by us depending on the event.
5. To use safety equipment as instructed and not tamper with or abuse it.
6. To compensate us or our contractors for any damage caused by you in the course of an event.
7. Each member of the group is responsible for their own individual behaviour.
8. Any behaviour deemed unacceptable is the responsibility of you the person(s) attached to that booking.
9. If you have events booked with us you are required to arrive on time at the time stated on your itinerary provided to you prior to your arrival in your chosen resort. Failure to attend and event or fail to arrive on time will result in the loss of your event and all monies paid for said event.

F) Behaviour
When you make your booking with us, you accept responsibility for any sort of damage or loss caused by you or any member of your party during your stay with us. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid directly to the accommodation owner or manager or other supplier at the time this occurs. If you fail to comply, you will be responsible for meeting any claims or costs subsequently made against us (together with your own and the other party’s legal costs) as a result of your actions.

We expect our clients to have consideration for other people, whether this is to guests or staff members. If, in our or any suppliers reasonable opinion, you or any member of your party are deemed to be behaving in such a way as to cause or be likely to cause danger, upset or distress to any third party or damage to property, we are entitled, without prior notice to you, to terminate the booking of the person(s) concerned. In this situation, the person(s) concerned will be required to leave the accommodation or other service. We will have no further responsibility toward such person(s), including any return travel arrangements and future event that may be planned.

If behaviour during your stay is unacceptable, no refund will be made and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination of the activity or weekend as a whole.

G) How do we deal with the risk?
We organise a number of events. Some of them involve a degree of risk to you of physical injury or damage to property. You will be provided with safety equipment, safety briefings and how to behave where necessary and where needed.

In order to reduce risk and provide a safe environment for you and others, the following conditions will apply:

We reserve the right to withdraw you from an event if you do not honour your obligations under clause E & F of these conditions or if, in our opinion, you are not sufficiently fit to participate in any event or if you are under eighteen or deemed to be in a dangerous state due to alcohol or drugs intake.

You must let us know of any existing medical condition which may affect your ability to participate fully in an event, if you do not this will void any liability by us.

We insist that you arrange accident cover (holiday insurance) for all of your party when you attend an event or weekend.

Information is provided on the website where to find suitable insurance, email us or call us if you need help. We are entitled to assume that either you have arranged your own cover or you are prepared to take the risk of being uninsured.

Insurance cover will be subject to the policy conditions and any exemptions or excesses mentioned in your policy. Occasionally, we or our suppliers may (because of the risky nature of an event) require you to sign a disclaimer releasing us or them from liability for loss suffered in the course of an event. We will not be liable for any loss you may suffer if you fail to sign such a disclaimer, whether such loss occurs under this agreement or otherwise.

H) Your payment protection
We are a registered travel agency here in Spain, being in Spain we cannot have ABTA and the below is the Spanish equivalent.

Our travel agency licence is CV-Mm-1882-a which means CV (Comunidad Valenciana) (Capital) = M = Majorista - giving us the rights to sell to businesses directly - (The small m) m = Minorista - which gives us the rights to sell to individual customers (as in this case).

In solidarity, under the terms and conditions set out in Decree 20/1997, of February 11 , of the Valencian government, regulation of travel agencies of Valencia is approved, the travel agency ULTIMATE STAG EXTREME HEN S.L., CIF B-54923990, as policy holder, domiciled AVENIDA AMETTLA DE MAR, 26, EDIFICIO ARTRURO II, 03503, BENIDORM (ALICANTE) to the appropriate body of the Valencia Generalitat who holds the responsibility for tourism, up to the amount of 180,300.00 EUROS (ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY THOUSAND, THREE HUNDRED EUROS), which is the liability of gudicial declaration of economic responsibilities of travel agents arising from the action bought by the customer or end user and awards made by the Arbitral Commission Agencies of Consumer Arbitration Boards.

Under article 21 of Royal Decree 161/1997, of 7 February, which approved the Regulation of CGD.

The above is an official translation of our policy agreement which can be emailed to any customer upon request should you require.

In the event of Insolvency
In the unlikely event of Insolvency, you must inform (0034 965863775) . Please ensure you retain the booking confirmation form as evidence of cover and value.

Policy exclusions – This policy will not cover any monies paid for Travel Insurance or any claim relating to Air Flights. Please ensure the company you have booked your flights with has the appropriate CAA/ATOL bonds in place.

I) Payment conditions
The Payment conditions below are applicable to any reservation made with more than 12 weeks before your travel dates. Any reservation made with less than 12 weeks before the travel date will have personalised conditions based on the dates of travel, destination of choice and events included in the reservation.

1) Booking deposit – A minimum payment of a single 50 Pounds is required to secure any booking at the time of making a reservation by the group leader. At the time of booking an estimated group size is required to secure enough rooms, beds and event places.
2) Individual deposits – A minimum of 25 Pounds per person is required no later than 4 weeks after the booking deposit is taken to re secure the group size on the reservation. At this point, if the group size changes in size you will only pay deposits per person on the confirmed group size at this point. You may however incur a supplement charge to your booking due to minimum numbers on certain aspects and events on your booking.
3) Final balance – Final balance for your reservation is required no later than 8 weeks before your date of travel. At this point, if the group size changes in size you will only pay final balance per person on the confirmed group size at this point. You may however incur a supplement charge to your booking due to minimum numbers on certain aspects and events on your booking.

At any point, if deposits or balances are outstanding you will be contacted by email, text and phone. If we do not hear back from you within 7 weeks of your arrival date we hold the right to cancel your reservation with immediate effect with a loss of all monies paid at that point.

If you have any discounts in your booking, for example a free place(s), this will be based on minimum numbers that will be stated to you before booking and on your invoice when booking deposit has been paid.

J) What happens if you cancel?
Cancellation costs us money and there needs to be an agreed cancellation policy. We and you agree the following:

Any cancellation must be sent by email by the organiser (you) to the person in our company (us) responsible for your booking. You may cancel within 24 hours of us receiving your deposit without reason. In this case, we will return your deposit within 30 days of receiving your cancellation. However, we will not return deposits paid after this 24 hour period.

Cancellation Terms and Charges
Cancellation of a whole booking
1) Cancellation of a whole booking within 24 hours of the deposit being paid will incur no charges and a full refund of your deposit paid.
2) Cancellation of a whole booking after 24 hours of the deposit being paid will incur no further charges but a refund of deposit paid will not be made.
3) Cancellation of a whole booking after individual members of the group have paid monies towards their places for a booking will incur the loss of all monies paid at that point.
4) Cancellation of a whole booking after the final balance for the booking has been made will incur the loss of all monies paid at that point.

Cancellation of a group member from a booking
1) Cancellation of a group member from your booking after 24 hours of the deposit being paid and before the 4 week deadline for individual deposits to be made will incur no charges to you or the group. You may however incur a supplement charge to your booking due to minimum numbers on certain aspects and events on your booking.
2) Cancellation of a group member from your booking after the 4 week deadline for individual deposits to be made and when monies have been received from said individual, will incur the loss of all monies paid by this individual.
3) Cancellation of a group member at any time when money has been paid by the individual will not mean that this money can be transferred onto any other member within the group and this money will be lost.
4) Cancellation of a group member from your booking after the final balance of the booking has been made will incur the loss of all monies paid by this individual.

Cancellation of an aspect of your booking
1) Cancellation of an aspect of your booking for example an event within the date of your booking and 8 weeks before you travel date when the final balance is due will incur no cost and be deducted from your invoice at the price of the event at the time of booking.
2) Cancellation of an aspect of your booking for example an event where a deposit has had to be paid to secure said event directly to the event supplier will be lost but will not incur any further charges.
3) Any cancellation of an aspect of your booking for example an event after the final balance has been paid will incur a loss of all monies paid for that event.

K) What if we cancel?
In most cases neither we nor you are entitled to cancel because of adverse weather conditions. In the case of boat or watersport excursions, if the provider cancels the event due to dangerous sea conditions, we will issue a full refund of that event. The final decision to not sail can only be declared by the captain or owner of the watersports. For some events if the safety risks are, in our discretion or our supplier’s discretion, unacceptable, we reserve the right to cancel the event. If we do cancel in such circumstances, we will make every effort to reschedule the event for another date. We will not be obliged to give any refund if we cancel an event because of adverse weather conditions. This will also apply to any rescheduled event. We can also cancel the whole package in the case of Force Majeure i.e. Civil War, Acts of god etc.

Unless we cancel in the circumstances described above, we will only cancel if: For reasons beyond our control, we cannot organize the event or hotel booked or the proposed venue or activity because the event is unavailable. If the booked trip is no longer able to be provided due to unforeseen circumstances.

You or we become insolvent or in the case of an individual you become subject to a bankruptcy position. We believe that the booking, any of those associated with it, or the purpose of the booking might damage our reputation. We decide that any reduction in numbers from the original booking makes the event uneconomical or impractical.

Unless we cancel because of safety risks associated with the weather (when we will reschedule) or because of a reduction in numbers (when a cancellation charge may apply), if we cancel we will refund all advance payments made by you and we will not have any further liability to you.

In the case of your event being cancelled due to force majeure ie, civil war, acts of god, global pandemics, United Nations flying bans, military action closing skies, world wars, or any other situation where it is outside the control of Infinity Weekends, Infinity Weekends is not in the position to offer a refund. You should contact your insurance company in this instance.

L) Accommodation Breakage Deposits
If you have booked accommodation with us, you agree to abide by the House Rules. The accommodation will charge upon arrival a breakage deposit. This must be paid on arrival at the property, failure to pay will mean you will not be allowed access to your room. This will be held until the last day of your holiday and will be returned once the accommodation owners are satisfied that no damage or unacceptable behaviour has been caused by your party.

M) Complaints
If you need assistance whilst you are away, our emergency line is open 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you have an issue whilst on holiday with us, please ensure you inform your Infinity representative, or emergency line staff immediately. We’ll do our best to resolve your problem on the spot and whilst you are still in resort. If we cannot resolve the problem in resort, please make sure you get in touch in writing within 28 days of returning from your holiday. It must be the lead name on the booking that makes this complaint.

What happens when a complaint is logged?
Once your complaint is logged, it will be assigned to a member of our team. Depending on your complaint, we may have to investigate your comments further with our internal departments or our suppliers. This will ensure that we follow up with your complaint correctly and make sure the relevant people are aware of any issues you may have faced. If we do need to investigate, we allow a certain amount of time to receive these comments. Once we have received all the relevant information, we will issue you with a full response, which will address the points you have raised, detail the necessary investigations we have carried out and any action taken. We will continue to communicate with you until we have come to a satisfactory conclusion. You will give us time to resolve any complaints made before expressing your views on any social media connected to us as a company.

How long before you can expect a response?
We always aim to resolve complaints in the first instance – in some cases this can take up to 28 days, and this is to ensure that we give your comments the attention they deserve.

N) Agreement
The terms and conditions form an agreement between You and Infinity Weekends. We believe that the above terms and conditions are fair. They do not affect your statutory rights.

We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions with or without notice to You. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting, Your continued use of our Service following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified terms.


We have received your enquiry and a dedicated member of our sales team will be in touch within the next 24 hours (excluding weekends) with a bespoke package and price for you and your group.

Once we have your Infinity Weekends enquiry please let us know what you think or if you have any questions. If you like what you see and want to secure your weekend, you only have to pay a single £50 deposit for the whole group. You can pay this directly and quickly over the phone or via your own online account.

In the meantime, if you would like to speak to one of the Infinity Weekends team, please call us free on 0800 994 9934 or email us at






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