Stag and Hen Ideas

Who to invite

A stag do is the ultimate opportunity to relax, have fun and unwind with your mates before your impending nuptials. But it can be an absolute political nightmare deciding who to invite and who not to invite. You know that you have to juggle tradition

Surprise the Stag or Hen

So, the time has come to arrange a stag or hen, and you’re the chosen one. For whatever reason, the bride or groom has decided that you’re the person to plan their last night of freedom. And, as the date draws near, you’re starting to feel hot

Top 5 Resorts

Wedding planning is stressful, and the best way to let off a little steam is to plan the most epic hen party or stag do possible. The whole point of these trips is to blow off a little steam before you head down the aisle, and if you are planning you

Top 5 Celebrity Hens

Whether you are an excitable maid of honour about to organise her best friend's hen do, or you're a bride taking control of the planning, you need a hen do to remember. The best way to go out and have fun with your friends is to do it over a weekend,

Maid of Honour

Ok so girls the question of all questions…. You have been asked to be the Maid of Honour, usually it does depend on who the bride is: sister-in-law, best friend, cousin, niece, but this is often a really exciting and welcome role to many…. Howeve

Corporate Party Weekend

Holidays, vacations, weekends away are important, they give us a chance to revitalise, recharge and at times, reunite with old acquaintances who we may not have seen for a while. Infinity Weekends are no stranger to, believe it or not, weekends away,

Get your Hen Party On!

When thinking of marriage, or more specifically the wedding ceremony, we come to ideas grandeur, elegance, a beautiful event that brings more than two people together, but families, acquaintances and life-long friends, to celebrate the big day. There

20 Awesome Stag Ideas

As time goes by we find that cultures bend and adapt, they change based on current events, what was once inappropriate and obscene is now allowed, maybe even welcomed. With that in mind we can take a look at stag dos, or weddings in general, the cust

More than once

Here at Infinity Weekends we specialise in celebrations; weekends away, nights on the town, trips around the world, overall helping people plan their perfect parties, events, nights out and quality, adult fun with their best boys and girls. As a resu

Dwarf Experiences

Dwarves, an understandably strange addition to a party, let alone one that celebrates someone’s marriage, but as of modern culture dwarves, or smaller people, have become a common staple of any high-quality stag do or hen party. Snow White and the

Hen Parties

Stag dos and best men are the first thing to come to someone’s mind when they think of a wedding, or couple planning on getting married. What will the lads be getting up to? Where are they going? How extreme is it going to get and how much alcoho

How To Be The Best Man

How to be the "Best Man" Weddings, regardless of the location, scale or people going, are one of, if not the most important day of a couple’s relationship. The whole ordeal should be an event that’s remembered for the rest of their, as well as

Pranks and Stitch-Ups

Nicknames, Pranks and Stitch-Ups with Infinity Weekends Infinity Weekends are all about helping the stags, hens and party people of the United Kingdom have the best time they possibly can. Whether that’s overseas or here in your home turf is ful

Stag Offers for 2019

Great Offers on Stag Destinations for 2019 2017 was a great year for Infinity Weekends, helping thousands of party-goers find their dream locations all around the continent, from London to Prague, Ibiza to Magaluf, there was nowhere in Europe that

Ultimate Party Weekend

Ultimate Party Weekend Are you in the market for a stag or hen do that’ll be remembered by your friends until you’re old and grey? A lad’s weekend out to get away from the stresses of work and family life? Or, just an easy few days to chill

Hen Games Abroad

Hen Games AbroadIf you’re planning your best friend’s hen weekend away, then there’s no doubt you will be thinking up some fun and hilarious hen games for your trip! Hen weekends wouldn’t be the same without some memorable hen games to make i

Lads Party Weekends

Lad’s Party WeekendsIf you and your mates are thinking of planning lad’s party weekends, then you’ve come to the right place! Booking a weekend away with friends can sometimes be a bit stressful, especially if you’re trying to keep everyone h

Ultimate Stag Weekend

Ultimate Stag WeekendIf you’ve been put in charge of planning your best mate’s stag party, then we have masses of ideas for you to make it not only one of the best time of your lives, but the most ultimate stag weekend! Stag parties were once a d

Best Stag Do Locations

Best Stag Do LocationsUK stag nights promise a fantastic night of drinking, dancing and fantastic entertainment! If you live in the north of England or you’re thinking of taking your best mate on a stag night there, then we can recommend some top l

Ice Breakers for Stags

Ice Breakers for StagsIf you’re planning your mate’s stag night or weekend away, then it’s likely you may not know everyone in the group? Ideally, you want everyone to get to know each other quickly, so you can relax and get on with celebrating

Ibiza Stag Weekends

If you’re planning your best mate’s stag weekend, then Ibiza should be top of your list! Ibiza stag weekends are one massive party that will give you the best weekend away to celebrate those last few days of freedom! Be prepared, in Ibiza there i

Benidorm Stag Activities

Benidorm Stag ActivitiesBenidorm in southern Spain is the ultimate location for a stag weekend abroad! Benidorm stag weekends promise Mediterranean sunshine, non-stop partying and some of the best nightlife you will ever experience. If you’re plann

Why Infinity Weekends

Why Infinity Weekends?Infinity Weekends are the UK’s leading stag and hen party organisers and we pride ourselves in helping groups to book the best weekend away for the ultimate party experience. If you’ve been nominated to plan and book your be

Benidorm Stag Night

Benidorm Stag NightA Benidorm stag night is one of the best experiences any stag party can have! Benidorm is on the Costa Blanca coast in Southern Spain. The resort is a large tourist attraction for its huge selection of bars, sports bars, nightclubs

Hen Weekends in Spain

Hen Weekends in SpainIf you’re considering taking your best mate and her friends away to celebrate her last few days of freedom, then consider hen weekends in Spain! Spain offers everything you need for a fantastic few days away, with glorious suns

Top Stag Destinations

Top Stag DestinationsIf you’ve been put in charge of organising your best mate’s stag night, then no doubt you will searching for some of the top stag destinations around! If you’re lucky enough to be making a weekend of it, then there are some

Stag Weekends Abroad

Exciting Stag Weekends Abroad! So, the world is your oyster and you’ve been put in charge of booking your best mate’s stag weekend? What more could you want than the excitement of jetting off somewhere completely different for a weekend of c

Hen Weekends Abroad

Amazing Hen Weekends Abroad If you’re in charge of booking your best friends hen weekend, then why not surprise her and jet off somewhere nice? Hen weekends abroad are one of the best experiences, making the celebration even more special! Imag

Albufeira Hen Weekends

Albufeira Hen Weekends Where is Albufeira? Its on the Algarve, I am sure you have heard of that, glorious sunshine, beaches and hot weather! Albufeira hen weekends are one of the most ultimate experiences if you want to make it an ex

Newquay Hen Nights

Newquay Hen Nights If you and your girlfriends want a special hen night, then runaway to the seaside resort of Newquay which is on the beautiful Cornish coast! Newquay is a bustling town on the edge of the sea, with some of the most stunning b

London Stag Nights

London Stag Nights So, your best mate is getting married and you’ve been put in charge of planning the stag night of the century? You want to give him the best night ever, so where do you begin! London stag nights are the most ultimate experie

Brighton Hen Weekends

Brighton Hen Weekends If you’ve been put in charge of organising your best friend’s hen party, then you should consider Brighton as a good UK choice! Brighton is located on the South coast of England, a large typically British seaside reso

Leeds Stag Nights

Leeds Stag Nights Leeds is a fantastic university city, so you will be spoilt for an incredible nightlife, some serious partying and plenty of places to go for Leeds stag nights! The city is the largest and most popular place in West Yorkshire w

Blackpool Stag Nights

Blackpool Stag Nights Blackpool stag nights promise an incredible nightlife and the best place to celebrate those last few days of freedom in pure Northern style! Blackpool is in Lancashire, a bustling seaside resort that’s famous for the Bl

Manchester Stag Nights

Manchester Stag Nights In the North of England is the lively city of Manchester, a crazy hub for non-stop partying, drinking holes galore and a place that thrives with a 24/7 nightlife! Manchester stag nights are the ultimate experience for an

Newcastle Stag Nights

Newcastle Stag Nights Newcastle stag nights are becoming more and more popular as stag parties flock to the North of England to discover one of the UK’s biggest party cities! Not only is Newcastle one of the largest cities in the North, but it

Bournemouth Hen Nights

Bournemouth Hen Nights There’s nothing more beautifully British than a lively hen party at the seaside! If you’re planning a hen night and a weekend away, then take yourselves to the Jurassic coast to the seaside resort of Bournemouth. Its

Birmingham Stag Nights

Birmingham Stag Nights Located in The Midlands, Birmingham is a huge city that is famous for its partying nightlife. If you want to get in amongst it all and celebrate your night with your mates, then Birmingham stag nights promise the ultimate

Marbella Stag Nights

Marbella Stag Nights Marbella is famous for being a stunning Spanish resort which oozes wealth and sophistication, with probably one of the richest harbours in the world full of luxury yachts! What many people don’t know is that it’s also

Edinburgh Hen Weekends

Fantastic Hen Weekends in Edinburgh! Hen Weekends in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh are perfect for a UK getaway with your friends, a bit of Scottish culture and some serious partying at night! Edinburgh is a stunning medieval city packed full

Stag Nights in Prague

Stag Nights in Prague! As capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is a beautiful city famously known as the city of a hundred spires. Stag nights in Prague have becoming increasingly popular as a great location for stag parties and is also well-

Hen Nights in Ibiza

Exciting Hen Nights in Ibiza! Ibiza hen weekends are probably one of the most popular choices if you want sunshine, glorious beaches and a brilliant weekend away with your friends! Ibiza is an amazing island that offers beautiful sandy beaches an

Need a Top Stag Night

Need a Top Stag Night? So, your mate is getting married and you have been asked to be best man on the day, but more importantly – you get to make the decision on where you go and what you do for the stag party! This is one of the best parts of b

Exciting Hen Nights

Looking for an Exciting Hen Night? An exciting hen night is not only about getting all dressed up and having an ‘L’ plate stuck to your back, it’s about making it one of the most memorable experiences of your life with your friends and havin

Top Stag Nights

A Top Stag Night! UK or Abroad? When it comes to booking your best mates stag party, you may be filled with excitement or dread! There’s so many things you need to think about – who will be invited, a suitable budget, where to go and what to

Party Weekends Marbella

Party Weekends in Marbella. A weekend planned in Marbella may fill you with an impression of luxury hotels, yachts and beautifully dressed people. Of course, that is true but our party weekends in Marbella have so much more to offer beyond the cos

Amsterdam Stag Night

Amsterdam Stag Night Amsterdam is one of the most popular locations for stag nights in Europe. It’s a laid back, bustling and friendly city full of different cultures that make an Amsterdam stag night the most memorable occasion you will never

Ibiza Stag Party

Ibiza Stag Party Are you ready to party until you drop? For the ultimate stag party, head to the party island of Ibiza in the Balearic Islands where you will be surrounded by turquoise coloured crystal clear sea, bright blue sky and 24/7 celebra

Stag Night in Budapest

Stag Night in Budapest Budapest is Hungary’s number one party city, a buzzing hive of all night dancing clubs, open-air nightclubs, party boats and stags having the best time of their lives with their mates. At night, the city comes alive wi

Stag Nights in Berlin

Stag Nights in Berlin As the capital of Germany, Berlin is a superior clubbers paradise. Stag nights in Berlin are becoming more and more popular as guys are discovering everything they want to do is there for the taking – and more. It can be

Stag Weekend Bratislava

Stag Weekend Bratislava Bratislava is Slovenia’s capital, a city of preserved churches, recreated mansions and several museums that attracts thousands of tourists every year. It’s a place that has many weekend visitors and the realm of indoor

What to do in Benidorm

What to do in Benidorm The four golden sandy beaches of Benidorm – Levante, Poniente, Mal Pas and La Cala stretch for miles and combined with the 5 separate theme parks here it’s easy to understand why Benidorm is such a popular holiday d

Tenerife Hen Ideas

Tenerife Hen Ideas So you and the girls have decided to treat your “bride to be”, including yourselves to somewhere hot and exciting - you have your hearts set on a couple of options but can’t decide? In this blog I am going to give you som

Prague Hen Do

Prague Hen Do Perhaps when you have looked at booking a hen do, you definitely want to do something a bit different but not necessarily after the beach, watersports or lots of sunshine? If your answer is yes, then a Prague Hen Do is probabl

Im in Benidorm

Get me out of here! Benidorm has everything you would want from a holiday destination – miles of golden sandy beaches, hundreds of bars and diverse entertainment. But if you fancy escaping the bustle of this vibrant resort for a day, there are

Benidorm Stag Do

Benidorm Stag Do So this is it guys! You have had it in the diary, the date is coming fast around, whether you’re one of the mates, the mate who has organised the Benidorm Stag Do or in fact the lucky Stag himself -prepare yourself for a jo

Benidorm Hen Do

Benidorm Hen Do Ok girls, you want something fast, furious and exciting? Why not book a Benidorm Hen do – let me explain why this is a worthwhile and unforgettable place to let your hair down and have some proper flirty fun! From topping up your

Book a Stag Do in Riga

Book a Stag Do in Riga. If you’re best mate is getting married and you’re the best man and you’d like to organise the stag weekend to remember why not book a stag do in Riga. Riga has everything you’d hope for in a stag party with some of

Hen Parties in Amsterdam

Hen Parties in Amsterdam. You might think that Amsterdam is for the lads, but Amsterdam is one of the prettiest and relaxed European cities that you could hope to visit, with its canal boat and bicycle culture, the pace of life is just that bit mo

Magaluf Stag Party

Magaluf Stag Party. Sun, Sea, Sand, and Magaluf Have you drawn the short straw and been asked to organise your best’s stag do? Well fear no more, Infinity Weekends are masters at creating the ultimate party weekend to remember. We have be