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Surprise the Stag or Hen

21 May, 2019

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So, the time has come to arrange a stag or hen, and you’re the chosen one. For whatever reason, the bride or groom has decided that you’re the person to plan their last night of freedom. And, as the date draws near, you’re starting to feel hot under that collar. All you want to do is turn to the person in question and ask them what they want. But, that would be a terrible move on your part.

The whole fun of a stag or hen is the unknown. The weekend should be full of the unexpected for the primary person to the party. As such, you need to think about how to surprise them. That means doing anything possible to keep your plan hidden until the hen party (or stag do). As you’ll know if you’ve ever tried to plan with a large group, though, secrets aren’t easy to keep. That’s why you should do the following in the lead up to the big event.

Plan in a private chat

The first issue you’re going to encounter is that of arranging this with every attendee. You can hardly keep things secret if you have to ask your hen or stag to pass messages to the guests you don’t know. But, a magic tool called WhatsApp could save you. By asking for the numbers of everyone on the guest list, you could start a private group where you can plan away from your hen or stag. This avoids the risk of them picking up on anything. It’ll probably make your life a lot less stressful, too.

Keep destinations close to your chest

Keeping the destination secret is a fantastic way to set things off with a bang. Few surprises will beat this. Sadly, while heading abroad for a weekend stag is a fantastic experience, it has the significant snag of needing passports to book up. That could soon ruin the secrecy factor like little else. The good news is that we at Infinity Weekends have some amazing destinations right here in the UK. Whether you opt for Bristol or Brighton, you'd be able to whisk the expectant groom away without his being any the wiser. And, you could definitely still have a killer weekend in the process.

Keep add-ons totally secret

You can spend as long as you want telling attendees to keep quiet, but someone will still blab. If you tell the whole party about every detail, the chances are that your hen or stag will hear about it somehow. Avoid this by not telling a soul about those little add-ons. Who needs to know about the stripper you’ve booked up for the first night? And, really, does anyone need to hear about those cheeky pole dancing classes you've organised? We don’t think so. Additions like these can be the cherry on top of your hen surprise cake. With these hidden up your sleeve, even a destination reveal isn’t the end of the world. Even better, keeping this secret is as simple as not saying a word.

Drop red herrings

If you think your hen or stag is the type of person to try and work out the destination you’ve got your eyes on, send them down a stray path! Fool them into thinking you’re heading somewhere else entirely, right until they get to the airport anyway. Tell them what to pack so they are completely unprepared for the climate of Benidorm, or Krakow - guaranteed to be hilarious when they’re walking round freezing cold Old Town squares in nothing but a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops, or when they have to head to the beach in just their underwear. Bring dissolving swim shorts along for your stag to wear for even more fun!