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Stag Weekend Bratislava

18 December, 2016

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Stag weekend Bratislava

Stag Weekend Bratislava

Bratislava is Slovenia’s capital, a city of preserved churches, recreated mansions and several museums that attracts thousands of tourists every year. It’s a place that has many weekend visitors and the realm of indoor and outdoor activities for day and night, means that it’s a very popular location for stag groups.

Low budget airlines make it an attractive escape for a stag weekend in Bratislava, with it’s incredible architecture and natural beauty, surrounded by rivers, forests and lakes. But that’s not all – let’s face it, a stag party are unlikely to take in the views and admire the landscape when they have better things to be thinking about!

Daytime Activities
Bratislava has a diverse range of outdoor and indoor activities for stag parties. There’s a 27 hole golf range in Malacky, a zoo that boasts dinopark and apeworld, a casino, an ice rink, ten-pin bowling, paintball and a shooting range. It’s no wonder that it’s such a great place to visit and perfect for a stag weekend in Bratislava.

Bratislava Loves Beer
Bratislava is indeed passionate about its beer, as most of us are and at an mere 70p per pint, you’re guaranteed cheap rounds al night. It has an incredible brewing history with Czech and Eastern Europe. The locals would typically enjoy an evening with a plentiful meal accompanied by tankards of traditional Czech or Slovak beers. No matter how many clubs, bars or lap dance clubs you visit on your stag weekend in Bratislava, make sure you have at least one beer in a traditional Slovak pub. Once you’ve experienced a little culture, you can move on to the more noisy, crowded party venues that make the city come alive at night.

Bratislava Night Party

Bratislava Loves to Party
If you’re hoping for your stag weekend in Bratislava to be full-on partying until dawn, you’ve chosen the right place. Stag groups can easily find convenient accommodation in the city centre ranging from cheap budget aparthotels to 5* luxury hotels. We suggest you shortlist the bars and clubs you want to visit, and book your accommodation local to that area. There are plenty of rock pubs, Irish and English pubs to start your weekend off, then you can move on to the more serious dance clubs and bars where you’ll no doubt meet fellow stags and rowdy hens which is always good for a laugh. Nu Spirit Bar is definitely a hotspot and a club that should be on the hitlist, with a versatile range of DJ led music from 70’s funk to hip hop, soul and jazz. Subclub which is situated in the Svobodu area plays more underground techno and dance music, while Sparx Pub and Cocktail Bar caters for the larger groups with hidey-hole seating areas and DJ’s from Slovak’s famous radio stations.

A stag weekend in Bratislava is no doubt a wild few nights away, prepare yourselves to party hard, drink cheap beer and admire the eye candy while you enjoy some quality time with your mates. The only negative thing about Bratislava is you won’t want to leave!