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Ice Breakers for Stags

08 June, 2017

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Ice Breakers for Stags

If you’re planning your mate’s stag night or weekend away, then it’s likely you may not know everyone in the group? Ideally, you want everyone to get to know each other quickly, so you can relax and get on with celebrating those last few days of freedom! We have put together some great ideas which will help to break the ice to ensure that everyone gets along just fine!

VIP Limo Transfer

If you’re heading abroad for your stag weekend, then start the weekend off with a bang and book private transfer from the airport! You can keep it a secret from the stag and surprise him when you step off the plane the other end! A driver will be waiting for you and will escort you to the limo as soon as you arrive. Inside, you can sit back, relax, drink a glass of bubbly and listen to your favourite tunes while you are driven to your hotel! Check out our locations as some airport transfers include a cheeky, sexy hitchhiker who needs a ride (and will strip for it!).

Bar Crawling

So, you turn up at your hotel and nobody can agree which bars to try first! Well, put an experienced rep in charge on a guided bar crawl, and she will take you to all the best bars in the area! Not only will she make sure you visit the top drinking venues, there’s party games and shots to break the ice too! If you’re away for a few days, then this is the best way to find all the popular places to drink. You can also get some tips on the top nightclubs in the resort!

Splash Around!

There’s nothing better than a good old day out at the waterpark with mates! Everyone becomes a kid again, challenging each other to the scariest water slide and seeing who loses their trunks first! Book a day at your local resort’s water park where you can chill out on a sunbed to nurse the hangover, then bombard the slides in true stag party style! There’s always on-site cafes if you get peckish or need to quench your hangover thirst!

Adventure Activities

If you want to get your manly action fix, then book an adventure activity for your group! There’s masses of things to do such as paintballing, quad biking, clay pigeon shooting, quad biking and airsoft. All the seaside resorts also have loads of water sports which are great for getting rid of the hangover! For the guys who want to see the sights in a slower fashion, then why not go on a Segway tour!

Prank it Up!

There’s nothing better than pulling a brilliant prank on the stag on his night of celebration! We have some hilarious pranks available, from stag arrests to sexy hitchhikers to dominatrix strip shows! Make sure you take full advantage of this amazing photo opportunity, a perfect presentation for the best man speech on the wedding day!

There’s so many fantastic activities that will break the ice for stag parties, that you are spoilt for choice! All you need to do is decide where you want to go, then look at the huge range of activities you can book!