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Benidorm Stag Do

21 November, 2016

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Benidorm Stag Do

Benidorm Stag Do

So this is it guys! You have had it in the diary, the date is coming fast around, whether you’re one of the mates, the mate who has organised the Benidorm Stag Do or in fact the lucky Stag himself -prepare yourself for a journey and experience of a lifetime in Benidorm! Benidorm offers not just amazing weather, cheap booze and great beach life however it gives you the freedom to get away with the craziest of times, making your time unforgettable! Remember: What happens in Benidorm stays in Benidorm! Forget the Uk, this the place where it all happens! One of the main reasons why Benidorm has been and continues to be the most popular stag destination for Infinity weekends is that it provides the freedom to do what you want to do and at half the cost of most other destinations – what could be better? The amount of activities you can get up to in Benidorm are limitless and if you are looking to put the stag through his paces then this is the destination for you!

You can’t shy away from the bright lights of a night at Sticky Vicky’s, an exclusive bar crawl around Benidorm, a dwarf handcuffed to the stag or Strippers galore – it is all there for the taking. If you are all however feeling like being good boys and want to combine drinking with awesome and exhilarating activities, then you have an enormous variety to choose from such as: Foot Golf, escape room, paintballing, outdoor Karting, biking and Segway tours to give you a taste.

One of the most well attended activity by Stags parties throughout the years is without a shadow of doubt the outdoor karting. What makes this activity so popular at Infinity weekends is how everything is organised, from the pick up at your accommodation – to having a UK rep as well as the BBQ and drinks after the racing. Not only all that, but what is even more impressive is the race on this championship course – you won’t be disappointed, that is for sure.

Benidorm Stag Do

Second on the list and worth a mention if you all don’t have your sea legs is the Terra Mitica theme park, basically think of Alton Towers but better! With over 50 different rides and a 150 foot drop ride this will surely separate the men from the boys. After all that Adeline fuelled fun, you can feel guilt free by rewarding the guys with a laid-back drinking session afterwards or why not take a cruise in the party bus? You can even have a stripper on the party bus to help calm all those nerves down after the park.

Benidorm, with its location and proximity to the sea, makes it great for all the activities you can do out on the water combining the perfect combination of drinking and water sports – who said that is not healthy? The choices are also endless with activities such as: flying fish, Cable skiing and Banana rides or for the more laid back approach why not book a Catamaran day or a Luxury superyacht for you and your mates – that should surely impress!

So if its a stag weekend you want, then head on over to our no obligation Benidorm Stag Do quote form and get price on a mental weekend.